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5 Year Financial Plan for Service

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DUBTURBO is all you need

“Remember When You Were Out The Other Night, That Sick Beat The DJ Played That's Been Stuck In Your Head Ever Since?" 

Do You Ever Wish YOU Had The Ability To Make REAL Hit Music Like That? Something That BOOMS At Broadcast Quality - That You, Yourself Created??

"DUBturbo - Marked As The Most Controversial BeatMaker On The Market" ('Cause It Does 10 x As Much While Costing 10 x Less Than Other Software. Made For All Levels)

Keep Reading And See Why DUBturbo Is Your Best Choice! You'll Sound HOTTTTTTTTT!!

"When I Said 'Check Out My Beats' They All Laughed At Me..

..Until I Pressed The Play Button.. Now They BEG For My Secret!" 

It doesn't matter if you've never made beats before, or if you haven't touched a sequencer in your life, because as of right now - you're starting the transition from novice - to billboard level hit making producer! "As soon as I started, I played back the first few beats I created and was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! I had no idea how easy it was to make the same quality beats I hear on the radio and in the clubs!" Yep, you'll be saying the same thing once you try it.

You simply CAN'T WAIT to start producing REAL beats RIGHT?! You envy the masters and big shot producers, and you'd LOVE to be in their shoes, even just for one night.

. ..But you've been intimidated by the learning curve, the people/scene, or it's never been affordable enough to give YOUR talent - a proper chance to shine . .. . You've been supressed into thinking that this world is 'NOT for you'.. it's 'too hard', 'too expensive', and you have to be 'cool'. . .. right? pfffffttt....

 Beat machines can be extremely limited when you get lower end gear. Get ready for some truths: 

**ESPECIALLY THE OTHER online beat makers - I CAUTION YOU! Why? Because they actually use .mp3's for their samples, so you're building beats with second generation compressed sounds... not cool.

WHAT'S WORSE? To add insult to injury, when you export from other programs, they take the MP3's you've built your tune with, and they compress them again as your 'master'  lol!

THAT MEANS your final output is third generation, compressed twice, and sample rates are out the window.. . ... GOOD LUCK trying to sell that to someone - or getting an artist to vibe on it - or a radio station to play it.. . ..YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!! Other online beat makers are NOT industry standard in quality or in sound. Some also just give you ONE bar to build/loop and play with - like huh? What's the point of doing that? 

Their samples are CRAP - a small box with some mp3's - can't expect much more.

 You max out the gear quick and have to get more, or it's too complex to master 

 Simply sampling your sounds and playing with them is impossible.

 NOBODY has taught you proper production with beat makers ... .. I've been there too!

New Ulps Affiliate Software Created By Top 100 CB Affiliate

2 Laid Back Country Boys Made 42,619 Affiliate Sales... And Then...

They Stuffed All Their Best Templates, Custom Graphics, and Web Page Tricks Into A New WordPress System!

(It Doesn't Matter If You're As Technically Challenged As Forrest Gump... You'll Crank Out Astonishing Landers In 7 Min Or Less)

From The Desk of Jason Parker

Dear Friend,

You may not know it yet...

But if you want to finally build a massive list with solo ads, ad swaps, media buys, PPC, PPV, or any traffic source, then this is the most lifechanging webpage you'll ever see.

Best part?  You can get a limited time pre-release discount price on...

The Greatest Piece of Listbuilding Software In History
Don't believe me?

Here's the reason why this new software is sending shockwaves throughout the internet marketing community...

Charles Kirkland and I took our best templates, custom graphics, and webpage tricks, and we stuffed them ALL into a WordPress system.

(You can get this WordPress system up and running in a few clicks).

This breakthrough WordPress system is based on...

42,619 Affiliate Sales!

That's not dollars or commissions.

I'm talking about total amount of sales.

You might be skeptical right now because you don't know who the heck I am...

Or more importantly...

Who Charles Kirkland is...

Charles Kirkland Has Been A ClickBank Top 100 Affiliate Out of 100,000+ Active Affiliates (And A Top Vendor)

I honestly don't say that to impress you (even though that's darn impressive, wouldn't you say?).

Most super affiliates of Charles Kirkland's calibur hide under a rock and NEVER share anything about what they're doing to raid the internet for mass commissions at will...

Or they charge $3,000 for coaching, which is what Charles has been known to do too.

Here's Why All This Matters To YOU

I'm bragging about Charles because he's one of the elite ClickBank affiliates.  

(Being in the Apex program is like being in SEAL Team 6, but for ClickBank affiliates). Charles was the best kept secret in affiliate marketing up until now.

And the reason why that matters to YOU is...

Because Charles and I went through 100s of our highest converting landing pages... pages that build the biggest, highest quality lists... and we pulled out all the best elements.

We took those elements and jam-packed them into a WordPress system.

This New WordPress System Cost Us 4 Figures To Create Out Of Pocket

(That doesn't even include what we'll have to shell out for the updates).


You're going to get free updates by the way.

Not only did we pay practically a king's ransom to create this new software, we bent over backwards designing this thing for you.

But it was all worth it because... 

It's Going to Shave YEARS Off Your Learning Curve and Give You An Unfair Advantage Over 99% of Affiliates

Especially when it comes to "techie stuff."

What's more...

If you were to take $3,000 coaching with Charles, he'd show you how to make landing pages like the ones this new WordPress system can make.

That's a scary thought.

Because now you have a "machine" that can automatically do what Charles and I have been doing to ROCK IT online.

Look... I Know You're NOT Lazy and You're NOT Stupid

But no one wants to show you the REAL secrets to generating serious traffic and a list that puts food on the table... or buys your kid braces... or puts them through college...

And you sure as hell don't need another punk kid from halfway across the world telling you how to make money online...

You've probably bought their courses and put up with them because you've felt you've HAD to...up until now.

VideoPad Video Editor

Video Editing Software Anyone Can Use

Designed to be intuitive, VideoPad is a fully featured video editing program for creating professional looking videos in minutes. Making movies has never been easier.

Download easy video edinting and video mixing software

  • Drag and drop video clips for easy video editing
  • Apply effects and transitions, adjust video speed and more
  • One of the fastest video stream processors on the market
  • Edit video from any camcorder
    Capture video from a DV camcorder, VHS, webcam, or import most any video file format including avi, wmv, 3gp, wmv and divx.
  • Full of transitions and visual effects
    Over 50 visual and transition effects to add a professional touch to your movies.
  • Create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube and more
    Burn your movie project to DVD for playback on TV, or as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices.

Stunning Video Transitions and Effects

  • Choose from a wide range of video clip transitions
  • 3D video editing and 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion
  • Customize the duration of applied transitions
  • Overlay text for captions and movie credits
  • Chroma key green screen video production
Edit movies in your own video studio with easy-to-use transition effects.

Amazing Audio Tools

  • Import and mix music tracks like a pro
  • Make your own custom movie soundtrack with
    MixPad multi-track mixing software
  • Record your own narrations with the click of a button
  • Use sound effects from the free Sound Effect Library
VideoPad mpeg editor and movie maker allows you to mix a soundtrack for your movie

Complete Video Optimization

  • Fine-tune color and other visual effects
  • Slow down, speed up or reverse playback of video clips
  • Reduce camera shake with video stabilization
  • Add photos and digital images to your sequences
  • VirtualDub plugin support for added tools and effects
Optimize AVI or MPEG video files with VideoPad Movie Maker

Share With Family and Friends

  • Burn to DVD and watch on your TV
  • Save for YouTube and share online
  • Save to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone
  • Export movies in standard definition or full HD
    (720p, 1080i or 1080p)
Easily share finished videos with family and friends

Technical Information

Supported Input Formats
  • Import Video
    avi, mpeg, wmv, divX, Xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mp4, mov, vob, ogm, .3gp, H.264, RM and more
  • Import Images
    bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, psd, tga, pcx and more
  • Import Audio
    wav, mp3, mp2, mpga, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, raw, dvf, vox, cda and more
Supported Output Formats
  • Burn to Disc - DVD, CD, Blu-ray Discs, HD-DVD
  • Export Video File - avi, wmv, asf, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov, YouTube, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Mobile Phone
  • Upload to YouTube - save login credentials to upload videos directly to YouTube from VideoPad
Supported Devices
VideoPad supports just about any type of video input device including DV based or HDV camcorders.
System Requirements

To Download: Click Here

Download ABBYY FineReader OCR software

ABBYY FineReader 11 Professional Edition

What is OCR

Suppose you wanted to digitize a magazine article or a printed contract. You could spend hours retyping and then correcting misprints. Or you could convert all the required materials into digital format in several minutes using a scanner (or a digital camera) and Optical Character Recognition software.

What exactly is meant by OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data.

Imagine you’ve got a paper document - for example, magazine article, brochure, or PDF contract your partner sent to you by email. Obviously, a scanner is not enough to make this information available for editing, say in Microsoft Word. All a scanner can do is create an image or a snapshot of the document that is nothing more than a collection of black and white or colour dots, known as a raster image. In order to extract and repurpose data from scanned documents, camera images or image-only PDFs, you need an OCR software that would single out letters on the image, put them into words and then - words into sentences, thus enabling you to access and edit the content of the original document.

What Technology lies behind OCR?

The exact mechanisms that allow humans to recognize objects are yet to be understood, but the three basic principles are already well known by scientists – integrity, purposefulness and adaptability (IPA). These principles constitute the core of ABBYY FineReader OCR allowing it to replicate natural or human-like recognition.

Let’s take a look on how FineReader OCR recognizes text. First, the program analyzes the structure of document image. It divides the page into elements such as blocks of texts, tables, images, etc. The lines are divided into words and then - into characters. Once the characters have been singled out, the program compares them with a set of pattern images. It advances numerous hypotheses about what this character is. Basing on these hypotheses the program analyzes different variants of breaking of lines into words and words into characters. After processing huge number of such probabilistic hypotheses, the program finally takes the decision, presenting you the recognized text.

In addition, ABBYY FineReader provides dictionary support for 36 languages. This enables secondary analysis of the text elements on word level. With dictionary support, the program ensures even more accurate analysis and recognition of documents and simplifies further verification of recognition results.

What Principles is FineReader OCR Based On?
The most advanced recognition systems, such as ABBYY FineReader OCR, are focused on replicating natural or “animal like” recognition. In the heart of these systems lie three fundamental principles: Integrity, Purposefulness and Adaptability. The principle of integrity says that the observed object must always be considered as a “whole” consisting of many interrelated parts. The principle of purposefulness supposes that any interpretation of data must always serve some purpose. And the principle of adaptability means that the program must be capable of self-learning.
One does not have to be an OCR specialist to see the advantages of an OCR application built on the IPA principles. These principles endow the program with maximum flexibility and intelligence, bringing it as close as possible to human recognition.
After years of research, ABBYY was able to implement the IPA principles described above in its OCR technologies.

Recognition of Digital Camera Images

Images captured by a digital camera differ from scanned documents or image-only PDFs. They often have defects such as distortion at the edges and dimmed light, making it difficult for most OCR applications, to correctly recognize the text. The latest version of ABBYY Fine Reader supports adaptive recognition technology specifically designed for processing camera images. It offers a range of features to improve the quality of such images, providing you with the ability to fully use the capabilities of your digital devices.
More information on Recognition of Digital Camera OCR is available here.

How to use OCR Software?

Using ABBYY FineReader OCR is easy: the process generally consists of three stages: Open (Scan) the document, Recognize it and then Save in a convenient format (DOC, RTF, XLS, PDF, HTML, TXT etc.) or export data directly to one of Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

In addition, the latest version of ABBYY FineReader supports Automated Tasks mode which is essential when you deal with routine tasks regularly. With this feature, recognition tasks run automatically without having to manually execute all of the above mentioned steps.

What benefits does OCR bring to You?

With FineReader OCR, recognized document looks just like the original. Advanced, powerful OCR software allows you to save a lot of time and effort when creating, processing and repurposing various documents. With ABBYY FineReader OCR, you can scan paper documents for further editing and sharing with your colleagues and partners. You can extract quotes from books and magazines and use them for creating your course studies and papers without the need of retyping. With a digital camera and FineReader OCR, you can capture text outdoors from banners, posters and timetables and then use the captured information for your purposes. In the same way, you can capture information from paper documents and books – for example if there is no a scanner close at hand or you cannot use it. In addition, you can use OCR software for creating searchable PDF archives.

The entire process of data conversion from original paper document, image or PDF takes less than a minute, and the final recognized document looks just like the original!

More information on how OCR software can help you in everyday life is available here.
To Download: 

ABBYY FineReader 11 Professional Edition

Google Adwords Management Software

As the largest and fastest growing online advertising channel, paid search marketing continues to become increasingly competitive and complex. To make the most of digital marketing spend, advertisers and agencies require a solution that can help them understand and optimize activity across the online sales funnel; increasing sales volume while at the same time reducing costs. Founded in April 2006 by seasoned digital marketing and enterprise software professionals, Marin Software’s mission is to provide the leading paid search management platform. Marin Professional is a browser based paid search management application designed to address the workflow, analysis, and optimization needs of advertisers and agencies, saving time and improving financial performance.  


Whether you are an agency with multiple clients, you are a direct advertiser with a dedicated team focused on search marketing or you are a one-person marketing department, the Marin Software Platform has the tools to help you save time and improve the financial performance of your campaigns.
With an easy-to-use interface, the Marin Platform can be put to work as soon as you first link in any publisher account (Google, Yahoo! Bing, Facebook, etc.). Even better, you can start to see results immediately as well. Click here to read about the benefits of using the Marin Software Platform.
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